• Banner welder C
  • Banner welder C

Banner welder C

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US $ 350 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

1.       The sapiention banner welder use hot air to join disjunct poster banner without glue.
2.       Work temperature, move speed, and wind speed are adjustable.
3.       Constructed simple, easy to maintain, The volume is small, the whole weight only 10 kilogram,
4.       Operation is also simple, needs not much guide to operate.
5.       It can turn off automatic when no people operate. If no work in 15minutes, it will turn off the heater at first, and after more 3 minutes, it will turn off the power automatic.

Specification parameter:
1) Alternant electric voltage: 220V/50Hz;
2) Upper limit power: 2000W, average 800W;
3) Adjustable work temperature: 50-600;
4) Adjustable: self-move speed 0.8-15M/per minute;
5) Adjustable: wind speed 1-6 grades;
5) Whole weight: 10kg
6) Splicing width: 2-5cm

Payment Terms︰ TT
Packing︰ carton, 10KG, 46*31*31cm.

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