• Automatic grommet machine
  • Automatic grommet machine
  • Automatic grommet machine
  • Automatic grommet machine
  • Automatic grommet machine

Automatic grommet machine

Model No.︰

10.5 or 13.5mm

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Unit Price︰

US $ 1050 / pc

Minimum Order︰

1 pc

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Product Description

Properties & function

 Mingyang automatic grommet machine can quickly move and punch a long the cloth edge. The speed is about 1800pcs grommets per hour. The grommets are solid, no punctures and nice. The sheeting is corrosion prevention since it adopts engineering plastic design. It is indispensable equipment for inkjet plotting industry because of labor saving, efficiency and good quality.

The machine has 3 different model, because use different grommets:

1. Machine for 10.5mm part metal part plastic grommets

2. Machine for 13.5mm part metal part plastic grommets

3. Machine for 13.5mm all metal grommets

one model only can use one kind grommets.

Function introduction

 Mingyang automatic grommet machine is controlled by microcomputer. It has ligh efficiency and saves labor. The dimension is 920*680*398(H*L*W) and net weight is 41.1KG. There are four wheels under the machine so it is very convenient to move. It also can be fixed on worktable after take off the wheels. Different types of machines can be offered according to different power supply and voltage in different countries and areas.

 There are two groups of dictate button with same functions: one is on the handle; the other is on the shell of microcomputer. Every group is composed of red button, yellow button and green button. Green button is for sending grommets, red button is for operating, while yellow one is resetting. The laser light will turn on when power is on, two hoppers will operate and send to the feed canal. It will automatically stop sending until the canal is full.

 This machine is environmental protection and energy saving .It adopts electromagnetic force directly punching and finish the task. It only uses electricity in 1% second per punching. The average consumption of electricity is less than 3 watt during wait for another order. While ordinary punching press needs at least several hundreds watt to keep operate.

Payment Terms︰ TT/ paypal/ western union
Packing︰ Wooden, 65KG, 50*62*68cm

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