manual plain heat press machine

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Product Description

Manual plain heat press machine (38*38cm) (220V/110V)

Dimention: 38cm*38cm

Weight: 35kg

Packing: carton packing

Packing size: 720*440*390mm

Temperature & Time: Textile: 180℃, 100-120s , Gadgets: 180℃, 60-120s, Tiles: 180℃, 60-80s, cotton T-shirt: 180℃, 12-15s

Features: The manual plain heat press machine easy to use, time and pressure are adjustable. Life time: heating element 1year warranty, heater 3monthes.

Description: Flat heating, can transfer picture for any flat material, like T-shirt, Puzzle, Tile, Mouse pad and Glass cutting board etc. 220V and 110V available.

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Packing︰ carton

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